Predefined macros

A list of all the predefined macros and their usages

Macro Description
BOOST_MEM_POOL Enable boost memory pool optimizations.
BOOL_POOL_NSIZE Set boost memory pool size.
CHECKFORCES_INF_NAN Enable checks for inf or NaN forces.
FLOAT_PRECISION If defined, float will be used in most places, instead of double.
HYBRID_NLSTENCILLIST An optimized neighbor list implementation. Conflicts with NLORIGINAL and SIMDBINDINGSEARCH.
NLORIGINAL The neighbor list implementation similar to MEDYAN v3.2. Conflicts with HYBRID_NLSTENCILLIST and SIMDBINDINGSEARCH.
SIMDBINDINGSEARCH Enable SIMD-based neighbor list and binding site pair search protocol. Conflicts with NLORIGINAL and HYBRID_NLSTENCILLIST.
TRACK_DEPENDENTS Track reaction dependents in system.
TRACK_ZERO_COPY_N Passivate reactions with zero copy number.
TRACK_UPPER_COPY_N Passivate reactions with big copy number.