Building MEDYAN

To use MEDYAN, one needs to build it from the source code. The source code is available for download at One can also clone the git repository for the latest version.


A C++17 compatible compiler such as the following is required:

The following tools are also required:

medyan is also dependent on several external libraries, which will be automatically installed before building.


The preferred way of building medyan is to generate the build files using CMake. From the MEDYAN root directory, use either of the following scripts to generate build files.

Under the hood, the scripts use vcpkg to install and configure the required external libraries, and use cmake to generate the build files. The external library installation normally happens only for the first build. External variables can be used to control some of the behaviors of the script.

Setting MEDYAN_NO_GUI="true" disables installing GUI libraries and building the GUI. Setting MEDYAN_CMAKE_EXTRA_ARGS passes those arguments to thecmake command; for example, setting MEDYAN_CMAKE_EXTRA_ARGS="-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug" will build for debug.

On MacOS, one can also change the target build system of the CMake from make to Xcode project, by setting MEDYAN_BUILD_TOOL to be "Xcode".

Example 1: I am building medyan on Linux, and I do not have boost installed anywhere.

> ./
> cd build
> make

And the medyan would be built in the build directory.

Example 2: I want to build medyan on my Mac using Xcode.


And an Xcode project file would be in the build directory.

Example 3: I want to build medyan on Windows.

> .\conf.ps1

And a Visual Studio solution file named medyan.sln would be in the build directory.